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Welcome to Peak of Otter Pepper and Spice. We are niche farm that was developed out of our love Peppers, Natural Herbs and Spices , There are so Many Varieties of peppers with different heat and taste levels that go so well with different styles of cooking. To be able to experience them all would be totally unimaginable with there being so many varieties 

We started growing about 4 different kinds several years ago and are now up to over 80 varieties each year along with growing fresh ginger, garlic and many other herbs, with that many varieties of peppers we where Freezing, Drying and eating peppers as well as sharing with friends and Family on a daily basis and still would end up with extras, Then one day we where having a cookout and ran out of store bought seasoning So we decided to wing it and make our own, it went over with a bang everyone wanted to know what type and brand of seasoning we had used.

They couldn't believe it when we told them we had made it out of the spices and herbs we had grown, soon after that we were making spices for friends and family members for their personal use and they where now sharing with their friends who wanted to know where they could get some for themselves. We have been contacted by several Local Stores about them carrying our products. We then decided to send out sample packages across the country to have other people review some of our products all came back with Rave Reviews. And the Company was born.

We are excited that the availability of our products for retail sales continues to grow 

We take pride in our work by making only small batches and use all Natural Ingredients, No Fillers or Preservatives because it is made to be used, Not sit on a shelf 6 months before someone takes it home.

We hope you will try our products as we know you will enjoy them and will want to share our flavors with others to show off your cooking abilities

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