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Peppers and Spice

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 Products only available at the farmer's market
Currently we are only able to sell these products at our local farmers markets under current Virginia Cottage food laws  once the state has approved our process and recipes we will be able to produce them in our Commercial Kitchen and they will be available to everyone from that point

These 3 sauces will now be available at the Farm To Table Market at the Greenbrier. We are producing them in small batches under the Va, § 3.2-5130-3 until We get certification Back from the state and then we will be able to go into full production

Pickled Aji Onions

A unique blend of Pickled Onions and Aji peppers that go great as a side dish ,on sandwiches or as a replacement for Chow Chow 

Cowboy Candy
A sweet pickled jalapeno that goes great with just about everything or by itself

Twisted Citrus Pepper jam

Wake up that breakfast toast or use as a glaze for meat. a nice citrus blend jam with a mild heat. If you are one of those people who like pepper jelly this one you will fall in Love with and never want to be without

Peach Datil Mustard

Another truly unique product  that can be used for sandwiches , as a dipping sauce or glaze 

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